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Safety is one of our prime concerns, and that is why we only use top quality parts when undertaking clutch repairs on our customer’s vehicles.


All of our highly skilled vehicle technicians are fully trained in every aspect of the specialistBrake repair  services that we provide to our discerning clients.


We also carry out expert vehicle servicing and repairs to virtually any make or model, irrespective of age mileage or condition. 

Here at Simunye Clutch & Brake, our wealth of industry experience has taught us just how important it is for drivers to have their vehicle’s braking systems regularly checked. By doing exactly that, we won’t just ensure that your vehicle will stop when it needs to. We can also often save our customers future expense by replacing brake parts before they become so badly worn that they cause even more damage to your braking system.

Local expertise in clutch and brake repairs
Ours is a local family owned and operated business that has been taking care of the clutch and brake repairs of our clients all across the South Coast since 2003. We continue to provide outstanding levels of customer care and attention to detail that have become our hallmark.

Wide range of automotive services
At our modern well-equipped workshops on Commercial Road, Marburg, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of vehicle services from vehicle repairs and servicing to specialist clutch and brake repairs and diagnostic servicing at highly competitive prices.


If you are looking for replacement components, we carry a large on-the-shelf stock from leading manufacturers for over the counter sales.
We follow a stringent procedure to ensure selection criteria adherence. The basic rule behind the criteria is “If we wouldn’t use it on our own vehicles, we won’t fit or sell it”.




We won’t be beaten for price



We only Recommend & use Quality Parts



For us your safety takes first place



We believe honesty is the best policy

Simunye Clutch & Brake is known as the Taxi Specialists.

We understand the importance of having a safe Taxi on the road at all times, we make special provision to fit you in at short notice and then we try and get the repairs done as soon as possible to minimise income disruption to owners and drivers

 Free Brake Test

Quite possibly the most important safety feature in your vehicle, brakes require maintenance and care to keep them functioning optimally and keeping you and your loved ones safe on the roads. Stop-and-start driving can cause wear to your brakes and can become expensive in the long-run.

With more than 16 years of mechanical experience in the Port Shepstone and surrounding South Coast, we’ve got what it takes to offer premier services, such as custom-made rubber and braided brake hoses, machining of brake discs rotors, drums and fly wheeling, and more. 

Free Clutch Test

Stop-and-go city driving, ‘riding the clutch’ (needlessly keeping the clutch partially engaged) and frequent pulling of heavy loads causes serious strain on your clutch.

If your car is struggling to get into gear, your transmission is making funny squealing or growling noises when you push the pedal, or is even vibrating or hard to push- these are all symptoms of a poorly functioning clutch.

Don’t keep ignoring these tell-tale signs and get in contact with one of the qualified mechanics at Simunye Clutch & Brake to get to work, to diagnose and repair the problem.

Talk to us today to learn more about these tell-tale signs and how we can fix them!

Service & Repairs

If you’re looking for a best-price comprehensive service of your vehicle, including a complete service of its safety features, Simunye Clutch & Brake should be the only name you think of. Our priority is to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive and working at its best. Because we won’t be beaten on price, you can enjoy the security of an impeccably serviced vehicle, without blowing the budget.

We pride ourself on going the extra mile for customers, including quality customer service. We have built up a loyal customer base, thanks to our service with a smile. Entrust your car to us for a long, happy life! We are also upfront and honest about what work needs to be done on your vehicle and transparent about quotes.

We do Performance Clutches too!

Simunye proudly produces top of the line clutches and clutch components for high performance applications. Whether you are tearing up the track, hauling heavy loads, or cruising the streets, Simunye has you covered. With close to 20 years in clutch manufacturing and rebuilding, Simunye delivers the highest quality.

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